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White Impossible Creature Wouse


In this project, I combined two completely different animals into a single new animal. I’ve named it the Wouse, since it is a weasel and a mouse combined into a single creature.

First, I cut out the mouse’s ears. I dragged them over to my weasel image, and resized and rotated them until they fit nicely. They were already the same white as my weasel for the most part, so I just lightly erased any mis-matching white fur. I made the edges of the ears slightly transparent using a low opacity eraser tool, since the skin is kind of thin. Next, I cut out the mouse’s right front foot. I copied it into two so I could have two feet on my weasel. I cut out some of the weasel’s fur and layered it over the feet in order to help transition it better. Then, I cut out the mouse’s tail. I cut out most of it and erased any black from the shadow in the mouse picture. I transformed and moved it into place, carefully adjusting it to try and make it look natural. Next, I cut out the mouse’s nose and put it over the weasel’s nose in order to make the weasel look more rodent-like. Finally, I simply drew on some shines on the weasel’s eyes to try and make them look more like the mouse. I also did change the colors of the mouse’s ears, toes, and tail slightly in hopes of making them look better on the weasel.

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