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South Park Self Portrait

In this project, I used the skills I learnt in order to make a South Park self portrait. I do not have any progress posts because I finished this project before that was a requirement. This took me three class periods, which were Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

First, I started by getting a base. I went to the South Park character creator website and made an avatar that looked as similar to me as possible. I took a screenshot of it, and used it as a reference image. I did not trace every part, however, I did trace the eyes, and some other parts that I can’t remember. I started by making a naked body- bare head, body, arms, hands, and legs. I ended up deleting the bare arms and legs after covering them up. Then I worked on the eyes, then the hoodie, then the pants, shoes, and finally hair. Afterwards, I finished my character by adding lines to the hair and body.

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