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11/18/22 Rocket Model

Following this tutorial, ( I created my own rocket! I tried making it more alien and sleek. not bad for my first try! I used all sorts of tools and shapes, listed in the video. It’s pretty fun to follow.

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Lesson 9 Rotoscoping

In this lesson, I learned how to rotoscope. Frame by frame I went through with the rotoscoping brush, cutting out the background that was left over around the boy. The program does the majority of the work, but it’s not perfect. Once I went through frame by frame, I added a blue background and moving text. I wish I could’ve uploaded this as a video so it would be less choppy.

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Lesson 8 Blue Crab Charter Services

In this project, I learned about the various variations of the puppet pin tool. Please excuse the choppiness of the gif, I had to sacrifice some quality in order to upload it as an animated gif rather than a video.

I added the water background, the crab, and the text. Next was sizing the crab, but instead, I started with adding the text effects. Then, I used pin tools to animate the crab. I decided to make the crab introduction in my own style instead of how it says in the text because the text way looked silly.

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Lightning Street Project

In this project, I followed the first half of the tutorial to make a bolt of lightning hit the street. It’s a short gif, and I started to run out of time near the end, but I still gave it my best shot. I followed the tutorial to the best of my ability but forgot to add the glow effect he makes later on. I had to keyframe the reflection because of the unique angle I used for the lightning- instead of a flat angle I wanted something that matched the perspective.

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Lightning Cloud Project

In this project, I followed the tutorial’s second half in order to animate lightning behind a cloud. Personally, this was the most fun out of the two halves. I made lightning, blurred it, took smoke sprites, and turned them into clouds, layered effects, etc! I even formed the smoke sprites into a heart shape with various sizes around the border, though it’s hard to see now. Once I did all the steps, I opted out of the text and instead copied the lightning and made it another color. I chose pink and red for funsies, plus I added a slight tint to the entire scene.

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11/7/22 Lightning Effects

I’ve almost completed the first half of the lightning project — however, I have to manually keyframe the lightning reflection because of how I set it up. I’ve decided to make some progress on the second half before finishing up, so perhaps I could turn them both in around the same time.

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Lightning Effects Project Update — 11/2/22

(the videos on the side are background videos to increase focus lol. It’s working really well actually!)

In this project, so far, I’ve added the lightning and been working on the blur on the ground. Instead of a flat box I changed the mask of the ground to fit the crosswalk shape. I had to animate the wipe effect because my lightning is unique, but thankfully it went smoothly.

I’m getting through the video.