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Lesson 2- Protect Our Wildlife

In this lesson I learnt many basic skills of Adobe Illustrator, such as Isolation mode, grouping, selecting, resizing, and aligning. I simply followed the instructions step by step, first grouping and aligning the bamboo, then creating the red panda’s body, then placing in the bamboo, then adding leaves, and then finally the eye shines.

Turkey (11/17/20)

In this project I made a turkey in Adobe Illustrator, I mainly used the shape tools, making elipses and rounded rectangles, but I also used the pen tool to make special shapes. I followed the provided youtube tutorial step by step, while also adding some personality of my own to my turkey. For example, I […]

Nut and Squirrel Boutique

In this project I practiced and learned several skills in Adobe Illustrator. I learned how to use shape tools, make symbols, trace, ect. There were a few things I could not do for some reason- I could not round the background rectangle, and I could not use the font that the instructions had. However, I […]

Bouncing Ball Project

Following the provided video tutorials, I started on part one. In part one, I learned about the timeline, frames, keyframes, tweening, and squash and stretch. I followed along to the video, doing as instructed. I made the circle and the line, made the circle into a symbol, animated, then exported it. Next, I did part […]

Stop Motion Animation (10/16/20)

In this project I attempted to make a stop motion animation. I decided to use construction paper. I didn’t have a camera stabilizer, which I regret, because the end result shakes a lot. It’s something I learned from. However, to make this, first I had to cut out each individual piece, and then glue only […]

Movie Poster Re-imagining

In this project, I re-imagined a movie poster. I decided to re-imagine the movie “The Thing”, and spin it into something similar but different. I wanted to base it off a game I have played a lot recently named Among Us. I first decided to create a concept for this poster. Next, I took the […]

About Me!!

My name is Kayla White, and I am in Animation 1 and Graphic Design 1! I’m in these classes to improve my art skills, and to hopefully become an animator in the future. I enjoy drawing and creating art.

Elements of Design (9/17/20)

For my elements of design poster, I just kind of wanted to use a cool brush I found. So I made the poster using it. I wrote out most of the words on my own, except for the title. I included value, Line (for both value and the outline), shape, texture, and then space.

Progress Update- South Park 3/6/2020

Today I am simply just adding another expression as a trigger in Character Animator. I have set it up so whenever I press 2, it swaps to this expression for the eyes.

South Park Character FINAL

For this final, I made a self portrait based off the cartoon South Park. I practiced my knowledge of vector tools, such as pen, shape tools, and fill. I started with a bare base, then my hoodie, then my pants, and then my hair and face. I also added all the extra lines last.

South Park Self Portrait

In this project, I used the skills I learnt in order to make a South Park self portrait. I do not have any progress posts because I finished this project before that was a requirement. This took me three class periods, which were Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. First, I started by getting a base. I […]


In this project I made vector ninjas based off the Lego Ninjago series because I loved that show. First, I started by following the instructions. I still got creative with the colors and acessories, but I did follow the instructions in order to still make it look like a ninja. I started with the red […]

Sign Holder Hippo

In this project I created a vector hippo following the instructions provided, but also while getting a little creative. For the head, ears, nostrils, and teeth, I followed the instructions pretty closely. However for the eyes I made them small and off to the side slightly because I thought it looked really cute. Then for […]

Pen Tool Exercises- Adobe Illustrator

In this excersise, I learnt and practiced how to use the pen tool in Adobe Illustrator. I simply watched the video provided for the first excersise, and followed along. Then, I did the other two on my own, following the instructions on the pages.

Dopamine Kayla White Soda Can

In this project, I practiced what I learnt in order to create my own unique 3D soda can in Photoshop. First, I created the 3D soda can using the pre-made one in Photoshop. Next, I created the gradient for the label. I decided to experiment, so I first placed down rough colors that I wanted. […]

White Soda Can

In this project, I learned how to make a 3D soda can using the 3D interface in Photoshop. First, I read and followed the instructions for part 1 of the soda can. I created the 3D model, created the bubbles on the texture, created the logos, and then the text. Next, I added the nutrition […]

White Clock

In this project I learnt how to use the Photoshop timeline in order to animate a clock. I followed the instructions, making the white circle, then the blue outline. Next I made the numbers using Broadway font. Then, I made all of the light blue lines. After that, I made all 12 hands in all […]


In this lesson I learned how to use the Photoshop timeline in order to make a simple GIF. I followed the instructions, dragging both the rocket and the flame onto my file. Then I typed the text. Next, I opened up the timeline and made frames one through five. Then finally I made the last […]

Kayla White Wooden Text

In this project, I learned how to make wooden text using image adjustment curves, the text tool, hue and saturation, the gradient tool. I also learned neat and easy ways to make shadows! I don’t know exactly why mine looks a little different from the instructions, but I gave it my best shot anyways. First, […]

White Shiny Text Name

In this project I practiced what I learnt about shiny text. Using what I learned in the Shiny Text Design project, I simply just changed the text and the colors. I used the same effects and background. However, I changed all the colors in order to make it look like jade.

White Shiny Text Design

In this project I learned how to make shiny text. Following the instructions, I gray scaled the wood and used it as my background. Next, I typed Design, and followed the instructions to give it the right effects. Then I warped the rainy second image, and put it over my words to give it a […]

Comic Book Effect

Today I made a comic book effect using filters and other tools in Photoshop. I had some trouble with this, as my picture was much bigger than the one in the instructions, and the text box tool kept using random words instead of my own, but I pushed through and made something. First, following the […]

White Impossible Creature Wouse

In this project, I combined two completely different animals into a single new animal. I’ve named it the Wouse, since it is a weasel and a mouse combined into a single creature. First, I cut out the mouse’s ears. I dragged them over to my weasel image, and resized and rotated them until they fit […]

White Impossible Creature Practice

Today I learned how to combine two animals together. I learnt how to use the clone tool, the quick selection tool, how to use image adjustments, and I practiced using the magnetic lasso tool and transform tool. I had a lot of troubles in this but I did my best to work around them and […]

White Tattoo Will Smith

In this project I practiced what I learned on the Taylor Swift Project. I tattooed Will Smith as the Genie in Aladdin. First, I did the skull with a rose. I wrapped it around his shoulder and chest using the transform tool. Next, I did the dragon and the lion, again using the transform tool. […]

White Taylor Swift Tattoo

In this project I learnt how to use the transform tool. I followed the instructions provided. First, I did the dragon, following the instructions to wrap it around her arm. Then, I did the tribal tattoo, following the instructions to change the width and height, and to erase overlapping parts. Lastly, I did the butterfly, […]

White Colorize Cemetery 2

For this project, I colorized a black and white image of a cemetery. I practiced what I learnt on the Colorize Solider project by using magnetic lassos, quick masks, and magic wands. First, I started on the grass. I quick masked all of the grass I possibly could and turned the mask into a color […]

White Colorize Soldier

Before After For this project, I colorized a black and white photo of a soldier. I learned how to make a quick mask, how to use the magic wand tool and the Magnetic Lasso, and how to colorize a black and white photo. First, I used the magic wand tool to color the main part […]

Warm Up 9/18/19

C. Contrast- A difference created when elements are placed next to each other. A. Alignment- Every element is visually connected to another element. Repetition- The action of repeating something that has already been said or written. Proximity- Proximity minimizes visual clutter, emphasizes organization and increases viewer comprehension.

Warm-Up 9/16/19

The principles of design are proportion, the look, patterns, and repetition.

Our Social Contract

A Social Contract is an agreement that the class creates to help build mutual respect. The students create responses that are recorded and then signs he contract to claim that is how they want to be treated and how they will treat others. How do I want to be treated by you, the teacher? I […]

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